Adopt an organic olive tree, become an organic farmer on our plantation.

You too can support Belmonte organic oil and become an organic farmer of our olive tree plantation.
Adopt one of our olive trees and ensure every year the bio oil produced from your olive tree which is part of our organic plantation in Tuscany.
You will receive the organic oil produced from your tree directly at home.

By adopting an olive tree from our plantation, you will bind yourself to our land, to our family and you will help us to continue to cultivate and produce our oil following the difficult, onerous but important organic protocol, a challenge and a philosophy that we can continue to support, also thanks to your help.

Many farmers are abandoning their olive groves in Tuscany due to the high costs and give up producing oil according to the organic method.

We do not want to give up and we believe that thanks also to your help we can continue to produce oil following the philosophy of the organic cultivation method.

With your support you contribute to the protection of the landscape of our little corner of Tuscany while enjoying your precious harvest at home, tasting the organic oil that is also the result of your effort.

What you get:

  • 6 liters of organic oil that we send you directly at home (€ 120 + shipping costs)

  • A personalized wooden plaque with your name or dedicated to another person hanging on your adopted olive tree

  • The official certificate of adoption and the title of organic farmer of the eco-bio farmer Belmonte Vacanze

  • The possibility to come and take care of your olive tree or participate in the harvest

We have decided to adopt a young organic olive tree in 2021.

We received the bio oil coming from the plant we adopted, and we felt part of this precious and delicious oil.

Knowing that also thanks to our help, the Belmonte Vacanze family can continue to cultivate the plantation according to the organic method, gives us great satisfaction.

Find out who are the organic growers who have already adopted one of our olive trees:

Give a gift to someone you love,
an adopted olive tree.

Giving an organic olive tree as a gift is something done with the heart, something important for a person you love.

By giving an adopted olive tree, you give something strongly linked to our land, with a deep and lasting meaning.

Those who receive an adopted olive tree as a gift will receive the organic oil produced from the adopted tree, the certificate of organic farmer from the plantation of the eco-bio farm Belmonte Vacanze and a handmade plaque with your name hanging on the adopted tree.

You can also come and see your tree when you want at our farm and you can join the harvest.

Write us and adopt an olive tree:

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